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Through the painstaking efforts of our research analysts, the University of Toronto has become a repository of G8 resource material which includes stories, transcripts, audio-tapes, documents, interviews, studies and essays related to the G8 Summit. This development has occurred primarily because the G8 as a quasi-institution does not have a bureaucracy or secretariat whose responsibility it would normally be to amass such material.

To accent these existing resources, the John W. Graham Library at Trinity College has committed itself to gathering into one comprehensive physical collection, the entire G8-related bibliography as compiled by Professor Peter Hajnal, the Research Group’s International Organizations and Government Information specialist.

The existing collection is currently stored in the John W. Graham Library in the Peter and Melanie Munk Centre for International Studies at Trinity College, which also houses the G8 Research Room. An online finding aid makes it possible for researchers around the world to find G8-related resources.

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This Information System is provided by the University of Toronto Library and the G8 Research Group at the University of Toronto.
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