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G7/G8 Commitments Report 2000 Available Online

June 8, 2001

The July 20-22 Genoa G7/G8 Summit will be measured against the 169 specific, future-oriented, concrete commitments made by the G7/G8 leaders at their last summit in Okinawa, Japan, in July 2000. These commitments span a wide range of issues, making the Okinawa Summit one of the most productive to date as centre of collective decision-making for the global community.

A detailed listing of the 169 commitments reached by the G7/G8 world leaders at the Okinawa Summit is now available online at http://www.g7.utoronto.ca/g7/evaluations/2000okinawa/okinawa_commitments.html

The G7/G8 Commitments Report 2000 was prepared by Dr. Ella Kokotsis and Professor John Kirton of the G8 Research Group based at the University of Toronto. The Report breaks down the commitments by communiqué and by 18 issue areas including crime, drugs, development, health, digital divide and conflict prevention. It provides a basis for the G7/G8 Compliance Report 2001, to be released shortly by the G8 Research Group.

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Melanie Martin
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