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June 25, 2001

New Directions in Global Economic Governance: Managing Globalisation in the Twenty-First Century, edited by John J. Kirton, University of Toronto, and George von Furstenberg, Fordham University, is now available for sale. It explores the innovations and impacts of the information technology, finance and trade activities of the G7/G8 leaders and ministers at last year's Okinawa Summit and their implications for the Genoa G7/G8 Summit this July.

New Directions in Global Economic Governance examines the recent economic, finance and business issues that gained prominence at the 2000 Okinawa Summit of the Group of Eight. It considers issues of central concern to Japan and Asia, providing an Asian perspective on global governance. It draws on the three major issues in the international system central to the economic agenda of the 2001 Genoa G7/G8 Summit:

  • the advent of the electronic economy and the digital divide
  • protests against the global institutions such as the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and
  • the replacement of neo-liberal values that dominated the world order since the 1980s.

Readers say:

"This book is a rich collection of stimulating thoughts. The contributors identify a variety of ways to rebuild international arrangements and institutions tom improve governance of the global community - an increasingly complicated task as information and monies flow ever more freely and swiftly."
--Takashi Kiuchi, Shinsei Bank Ltd., Tokyo

"As the cacophany of cries for and against global governance proliferates, it is refreshing to find a series of essays that focus rigorously on the data. Contributors concentrate on the continuing evolution of international trade and finance, with special attention paid to the implications of the digital information revolution and the role of conflict and co-operation among international institutions." --Jonathan Aronson, School of International Relations, University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Now available for purchase through http://www.library.utoronto.ca/g7/ggs/ggs6.htm or at http://www.ashgate.com/, or by email at orders@bookpoint.co.uk.

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Melanie Martin
2001 Director of Field Communications

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