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"Latest Citations" Feature Launched

September 10, 2001

"Latest Citations" is designed to assist researchers, students, policymakers and citizens keep abreast of the latest research and scholarly works related to the G7/G8 and related institutions such as the G20. In general, relevant pieces -- except for newspaper articles -- will be listed, as they are identified, when they contain an explicit reference to the G7/G8. Pieces from this list with more extensive treatment of the G7/G8 will be considered at periodic intervals for inclusion in the master bibliography on the G7/G8 compiled by Professor Peter Hajnal.

Authors are invited to send the G8 Information Centre details of their own relevant works as they are published so that they might be made available to the research community on a timely basis. Users of this site are also requested to inform the Centre of any relevant pieces they encounter."

See the "Latest Citations".

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