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Summit shortened to two days: June 26-27

January 12, 2002

On January 11, 2002, a spokesman for Canada's prime minister Jean Chrétien announcd that the Kananaskis Summit would start on June 26 and end on June 27, thus breaking the tradition of a three-day summit.

"It is in keeping with the prime minister's wish -- and his discussions with other foreign leaders -- to hold a smaller, retreat-style meeting where the leaders can have more intimate discussions on important issues," said spokesman Duncan Fulton. Chrétien wants the summit to return to an intimate, straightforward meeting among the eight leaders, aimed at producing results.

The leaders will meet at the Rocky Mountain resort of Kananaskis, Alberta, which has very limited facilities for accommodation. Delegations are therefore being limited to 350 from each of the eight member countries of the G8. By reducing the number of delegates and the length of the meeting, it is expected that costs for security will also be lower, although security measures are being enhanced in light of recent world events.

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