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What Can We Expect When the G8 Meet at Sea Island, June 8-10?
May 2, 2004

George Bush is planning an ambitious, history-making G8 Sea Island Summit for June 8-10, with a focus on freedom and its promotion in the Middle East. But America needs the full co-operation of its G8 allies, and that requires listening and learning what the G8 allies want. Will Bush's America pull off the difficult task of adjusting to the collective wisdom and will of the G8 as a whole? Even if Bush is personally reluctant to do so, will conditions in the world outside induce him co-operate, perhaps against his wishes, in his own country and in the light of the presidential election that looms?

Professor John Kirton, director of the G8 Research Group, has published his analysis of the Sea Island Summit, available at the G8 Information Centre, at http://www.g8.utoronto.ca.

Also available at the G8 Information Centre is the 2003 Evian Interim Compliance Report, which examines the commitments made at Evian, France, when the G8 met in 2003 and how the eight countries have complied with those commitments. An updated compliance report will be posted in the coming weeks.

The G8 Research Group will have a full team of analysts and experts available for interviews on site at the Sea Island International Media Centre (in Savannah) for the duration of the summit.

For more information, please visit the G8 Information Centre or contact Madeline Koch.

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