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1998 Annual Pre-Summit Conference

Jobs, Crime And Money:
Challenges For The G8 Summit In 1998


Conference At The Plaisterers' Hall
1 London Wall, London EC2Y 5JU
On Wednesday, 13 May 1998


Sir Nicholas Bayne, KCMG
Introducer and Chair of Final Panel

Visiting Fellow at the International Relations Department of the LSE. As a British diplomat, he was High Commissioner to Canada, 1992-96, Economic Director at the FCO, 1988-92, and Ambassador to OECD, 1985-88. Co-author, with Robert Putnam, of "Hanging Together; the Seven Power Summits".

Colin Budd, CMG
Speaker on 'Preparing for the Birmingham Summit'

Director for European Union and Economic Affairs at the FCO and British 'Sous-Sherpa' responsible for summit preparations. Previously Deputy Secretary of the Cabinet, 1996-7; Head of Sir Leon Brittan's Cabinet in the European Commission, 1993-1995; Political Counsellor, Bonn, 1989-92; European Secretariat, Cabinet Office, 1987-88; Assistant Private Secretary to the Foreign Secretary, 1984-87.

Don Campbell
Speaker on 'What the Summit Can Do: A Canadian Perspective'

Canadian Deputy Minister for Foreign Affairs, and 'Sherpa' responsible for summit preparations. Previously Ambassador to Japan, 1993-97; Deputy Minister for International Trade, 1989-93; Assistant Deputy Minister responsible for relations with the United States, 1985-89; Ambassador to Korea, 1984-85.

Keith Clark
Introducer and Chair of 'Preparing for the Birmingham Summit'

The Senior Partner of Clifford Chance. Joined Clifford Chance in 1971. Worked initially in the corporate area before concentrating on banking and finance work, where he was particularly involved in sovereign debt re-structuring for countries such as Poland, Morocco, Zambia, South Africa and the former Soviet Union.

Bronwyn Curtis
Speaker on 'Employment and Growth'

Chief Economist of Nomura International in London. A well-known commentator on financial market issues and author of numerous articles on economic topics. Previously Global Head of Foreign Exchange and Fixed Income Strategy at Deutsche Morgan Grenfell. Joined Deutsche Bank London in 1988 after an extensive career in the international commodity markets.

Professor Joseph Daniels
Chair of 'Global Governance: the Contribution of the Summits' and a final Panellist

Associate Professor of International Economics at Marquette University, Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Visiting Professor of Economics and International Relations, University of Toronto. An established scholar on the G7 Summit process, he has published widely on international policy processes.

Professor Charles Goodhart, CBE
Speaker on 'Finance, Trade and Investment in the light of the Asian Crisis'

Norman Sosnow Professor of Banking and Finance at the LSE. Member of the Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee. Monetary adviser at the Bank of England, 1968-85 - a Chief Adviser from 1980. Earlier taught at Cambridge and the LSE. He has written extensively on monetary policy, history and institutions.

Dr Michael Hodges
Final Panellist

Director of the Centre for Research on the USA and Senior Lecturer in International Relations at the LSE. Formerly Professor of International Relations at Lehigh University, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He is the author of books on government/business relations, as well as of "More Efficiency, Less Dignity: British Perspectives on the G7".

Sir Robert Jennings, QC
Chair of 'International Crime'

A Judge at the International Court of Justice, 1982-95, and President of the Court, 1991-94. Whewell Professor of International Law, Cambridge, 1955-81. A Fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge, from 1939 and Honorary Fellow from 1982.

Dr DeAnne Julius
Speaker on 'Finance, Trade and Investment in the light of the Asian Crisis'

Member of the Bank of England Monetary Committee. Chief Economist at British Airways, 1993-97, and at Royal Dutch/Shell, 1989-93; Head of the Economics Programme at the Royal Institute of International Affairs, 1986-89. She has written extensively on international investment and monetary issues.

Professor John Kirton
Chair of 'What The Summit Can Do: A Canadian Perspective' and a final Panellist

Director of the G8 Research Group. Associate Professor of Political Science and Interim Director of the International Relations Program at the University of Toronto. Adviser to the Canadian government on G7 participation and international trade. Author and editor of many books and articles on international issues, especially on G7 summitry.

Professor Richard Layard
Speaker on 'Employment and Growth'

Director of the LSE's Centre for Economic Performance. An expert on the problems of unemployment and inflation, he has advocated a Welfare to Work approach in a series of books and articles. Founder in 1985 of the Employment Policy Institute and Chairman 1987-92. He also an expert on the issues of skills and inequality and heads an advisory group for the Russian government.

Jean-Claude Paye
Chair of 'Employment and Growth'

Secretary-General of the OECD, 1984-1996. During his tenure the OECD launched its annual Employment Outlook and conducted its special Jobs Study. Before that he was Economic Director at the French Foreign Ministry, 1979-84, and Diplomatice Adviser to the French Prime Minister, 1976- 79; and is now Chairman of the Competitiveness Advisory Group of the European Union.

Professor Alan Rugman
Chair of 'Finance, Trade and Investment after the Asian Crisis' and a final Panellist

Thames Water Fellow in Strategic Management at Templeton College, Oxford. Professor of International Business at the Universities of Toronto, 1987-98, Dalhousie, 1979-87, and Winnipeg, 1970-78. The author of numerous books and articles on multinational enterprises and trade and investment policy; also an adviser to the Canadian government and a consultant to major companies.

George Staple, QC
Speaker on 'International Crime'

Director of the Serious Fraud Office, 1992-97. A Partner in Clifford Chance, 1967-92, he rejoined the partnership in 1997. Chairman of the Authorisation and Disciplinary Tribunals of the Securities Association and the Securities and Futures Authority, 1987-92. Member of the Council of the Law Society and its Treasurer, 1989-92.

Mrs Valerie Strachan, CB
Speaker on 'International Crime'

Chairman of the Board of Customs and Excise - the Department responsible for fighting cross-border crime such as smuggling of drugs and other illegal items. Director-General for Internal Taxation and Customs, 1989-93; Deputy Chairman, Customs and Excise from 1987; Commissioner from 1980. Awarded the title "UK Woman of Europe", 1992, for her work on the European Single Market.

Ambassador Koji Watanabe
Speaker on 'Global Governance: The Contribution of the Summits'

Executive Advisor to the Japan Federation of Economic Organisations (Keidanren); Senior Fellow at the Japan Centre for International Exchange; and Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Asia- Europe Foundation. As a Japanese diplomat, Ambassador to Russia, 1993-96; to Italy, 1992-3; Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1989-92; and 'Sherpa' for the 1990 and 1991 Summits.

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