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Explaining G8 Effectiveness in the Approach to the New Millenium

Professor John Kirton
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada

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The G7 System of Institutions


Annual G7 Summit, 1975-
Ad Hoc Summits, 1985 (New York), 1996 (Moscow)

On-Site Ministerial Forums:

Annual Finance Ministers Summit-Site Meetings, 1975-
Annual Foreign Ministers Summit Site Meetings, 1975-
Trade Ministers Meetings, 1978, 1993, 1995

Stand-Alone Ministerial Forums:

Trade Minister=s Quadrilateral, 1982-
Foreign Ministers, 1984-
Finance Ministers, 1986-
Environment, 1992, 1994-
Employment, March 1994 (Detroit), April 1996 (Lille), January 1998 (Britain)
Information, February 1995 (Brussels), May 1996 (Midrand)*
Terrorism, December 1995 (Ottawa), July 1996 (Paris)

Ad Hoc Ministerial Meetings:

Russian Financial Assistance, April 1993, Tokyo
Ukraine Financial Assistance, October 1994, Winnipeg
Small and Medium Enterprise, Spring 1997, Bonn
Crime, December 1997, Washington
Energy Ministers, Spring 1998, Russia

* More than G7 members present

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