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Explaining G8 Effectiveness in the Approach to the New Millenium

Professor John Kirton
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada

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Ministers Involved in G7 Forums, by Department, 1975-

(by date of first participation by an individual member)

1975   Foreign Affairs (State)

1975   Finance (Treasury, Exchequer)

1978   Economics (Germany)

1982   Trade (Japan, Quadrilateral)

1989   Environment (US, 1992- Ministerial)

1990   Agriculture (US at Houston)

1994   Human Resources (Canada), Employment

1994   Labour

1995   Industry (GIS)

1995   Heritage (GIS)

1995   Solicitor General, Interior (Terrorism)

1995   Transportation (US for Land Transportation Security)

1995   Justice

1997   Small and Medium Sized Enterprises

1998   Energy

Source: Compiled by John Kirton

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