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Global Development Challenges, Desired G8 Responses:
A G8-Developing Country Dialogue for the Hokkaido Summit

July 1, 2008
U-Thant Hall, United Nations University, Tokyo

Sponsored by the
Centre for International Governance Innovation
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (Canada)
Guido Carli Association
Estelle Trust
The Jackman Foundation

Working language: English (with simultaneous translation into Japanese)

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Welcome and Introduction
Vesselin Popvski, United Nations University
John Kirton, G8 Research Group
Andrew F. Cooper, Centre for International Governance Innovation
Tomohiko Taniguchi, Deputy Press Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan

How the G8 Works: The Summit Structure and Process
Chair: Andrew Schrumm, Centre for International Governance Innovation
Robert Fauver, former G7 U.S. sherpa
   The G8's Mission, Evolution and Performance

Andrew F. Cooper, Centre for International Governance Innovation:
   The G8's Expansion and Outreach

Jenjin (Xavier) Zhu, Shanghai International Studies University:
   A Chinese Perspective on the Evolving G8

Kazuo Takahashi, United Nations University
   The Developing World's Perspective on the Evolving G8


11:30–12:45 How Well Does the G8 Deliver: Compliance with G8 Commitments
Chair: Kathryn Kotris, G8 Research Group
John Kirton, G8 Research Group
    Moving toward the MDGs: Delivering Compliance with G8 Commitments
James Christie and Karen Hamilton, Canadian Council of Churches
   Delivering on Promises: The Civil Society Perspective
Ella Kokotsis, Michael Erdman and Cliff Vanderlinden, G8 Research Group
   Delivering the 2007 Commitments: The 2008 Compliance Report
Jenilee Guebert, G8 Research Group
   Catalyzing Compliance with G8 Health Commitments
Vesselin Popovski, United Nations University
   Waiting for Action for the Bottom Billion in the Developing World


14:15–15:45 The Global Challenge of Development and Africa
Chair: Hugo Dobson, Sheffield University
Clement Adibe, DePaul University
    Development Challenges: Progress, Problems, Priorities
Chiara Oldani, LUISS University
    Economic Challenges amidst a Global Showdown

George von Furstenberg, National Science Foundation
    Financial Challenges and Their Impact on Development
Obijiofor Aganam, United Nations University
    Health Challenges


15:30–17:00 Sustaining Economic Development in Fragile and Post-Conflict Societies
Chair:Obijiofor Aginam, United Nations University
Kojo Yelpaala, University of the Pacific, McGeorge School of Law
Ibironke Odumosu, University of British Columbia Law School
Calin Trenkov-Wermuth, European Union, Institute of Security Studies

Japan's G8 Prospects and Possibilities: The G8 Responds
Chair: Shinichiro Uda, LSE International Forum
Tomohiko Taniguchi, Deputy Press Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan
    Japan's Plans and Prospects

Olivier Giscard d'Estaing, New School of Athens/Global Governance Group
    A G8 Perspective

His Excellency B.S. Ngubane, Ambassador of South Africa
    A Developing Country Perspective


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