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Kobe Jobs Conference

Annex 1: Followup Activities

Kobe, Japan, 28th-29th November, 1997

Chairman's Conclusion ANNEX 2. Individual Action Plans

Members of the Conference made proposals to conduct follow-up activities to provide a concrete contribution to the expansion of job opportunities. These activities will be operated through voluntary efforts among interested members, and are also open for participation by other countries. The followings are the list of follow-up activities:

(1) Inventory of Successful Venture Enterprises - to create and provide an inventory of venture enterprises which have rapidly grown and contributed to job creation in participating countries. The assessment of government policy, economic, and managerial factors affecting their development will also be undertaken. The inventory will be made accessible through internet.

(2) Global Venture Forum - to hold a global business convention where entrepreneurs or heads of venture enterprises with innovative technologies or products are given the opportunity to present their business plans and to meet business partners. The convention will be annually held in Osaka, Japan and participants will be selected from G8 and other countries.

(3) Youth Exchange Programme - (i) to exchange and share the information on Internship in order to explore the possibility of international Internship, and (ii) to promote smooth employment on a bilateral basis through job placements by employment service agencies and relevant agencies in order to promote exchanges of qualified person with expertise and professional skills. These will contribute to the fostering of the youth so that they will have international perspectives.

(4) Work Practices Study - to hold an expert meeting to discuss the establishment of labour market systems required for the promotion of the smooth adjustment to structural changes, in particular, the improvement of the functions of public employment services which take major responsibilities for active labor market policies.

(5) Symposium on the Roads to Realizing Active Aging - to hold an international symposium to discuss and to share experiences, from broader perspectives, on a various forms of social participation of older workers with a view to realizing active aging.

(6) Cooperation with International Organizations - to request the ILO and the OECD to reflect the message of the Kobe Conference on their future activities, such as the initiative of the Secretary-General of the OECD on youth employment. Particular emphasis will be put on continuous consultations within these organizations and other fora in this policy area in view of avoiding unnecessary duplication of works.

Source: Japan. Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

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