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Germany: Objectives for the Summit
(1997 Denver Summit)

Germany's Objectives at the Denver Summit of the Eight:

  1. Germany will seek to obtain a commitment from the other G7 countries to maintain a strong focus on unemployment.

  2. Germany will seek to encourage the other G7 countries to commit themselves to cutting greenhouse gas emissions and propose the creation of a World Environmental Organization to serve as an umbrella for all existing environmental organizations world wi

  3. Germany will try to encourage its G7 colleagues to invest both publicly and privately in Central and Eastern European Countries in order to prevent a further increase in migration to Germany, and to propose that other European countries help to absorb

  4. Germany will encourage the continuation of full Russian participation within the summit process.

  5. As one of the most reliable financial contributors to the United Nations, Germany will seek to encourage the United States and Russia to pay their arrears and aim for a speedy institutional reform in ways that facilitate Germany's acquisition of a per

Contributors: Ella Kokotsis, Cindy Blazevic, Marianne Paul

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