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Analytical Studies

Summit Performance Assesments by Issue: Aging Populations

Pension, Healthcare, Social Assistance/Training Reform

There will emerge from Denver an acknowledgement of the challenges facing the G-7 nations in light of their aging populations. Stressing the need for taking individual countries circumstances into account we will see a statement of intent on the need of the reform of the pension, healthcare, and social assistance systems. The focus will fall on the adoption of new and flexible funding models that will both ensure maintenance of necessary services while not significantly raising the fiscal burden of these services on either the government or the public. Pension reform will be the foremost area of concern followed by social assistance/training reform (workfare), and then healthcare.

Summit Result for Aging Populations: B+

The communiqué acknowledged the challenges facing nation with aging populations. The communique through items 7, 8, and 9 highlights the reality of differing situations among the G-7/8 nations. The communiqués points to the exchange of information and experiences within the G-7/8 and OECD framework, and on a bilateral basis as the best way to collabaratively approach the issues brought on by an aging population. Pension and health care issues were specifically raised and referred to while reform of social assistance and the issue of workfare was indirectly dealt with under the heading of structural reforms and the need to further develop flexible workforces.

Prepared by: Aron Halpern

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