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Infectious Disease Objective for Denver


There will emerge from Denver a broad commitment for greater cooperation among the G-7 nations to combat outbreaks of infectious diseases (ie. Ebola) and the creation of a working group to create an AIDS strategy by Birmingham. There will also be a broad commitment to step up the fight against AIDS through research and will follow the general unilateral commitment made by Clinton to defeat AIDS within the next decade.

Summit Result for Infectious Diseases: A

There emerged from the summit a commitment to expand coordination between the G-7/8 nations abilities to respond to outbreaks of infectious diseases world wide. An announcement of a G-7/8 AIDS working group, or a commitment to the development of an AIDS vaccine within the next 10 years, was not made. However, a commitment to make resources available and to focus a coordinated effort on the development of an AIDS vaccine was made.

Prepared by: Allison Smith and Aron Halpern

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