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~ Country Objectives ~

United Kingdom: Objectives for the Summit
(1997 Denver Summit)

Table of Contents

1. Terrorism
2. Jobs
3. Environment


While the United Kingdom will look for condemnation of all terrorist acts from its G-7 counterparts, push to ensure that terrorists do not benefit from their activities, and continue its commitment to strengthening counterterrorism cooperation through various measures, the primary focus of the UK government will be on the situation in Northern Ireland. Previous efforts vis--vis Northern Ireland, especially those of the past few years, have been stagnant and produced few tangible results. The newly-elected Labour government will continue the hardline developed by their Conservative predecessors, however, there will be an attempt to initiate new tactics for dealing with Sinn Fein and the IRA aimed at giving both a stronger incentive to participate in meaningful dialogue with the British government.


The UK will seek to discuss measures of structural reform aimed at enhancing the job market through investment in education, welfare reform and partnerships with businesses combined with lower government spending, less regulation and flexible labour markets, all of which work towards equipping the British people to cope with the rapidly changing world labour market.


The UK will be looking to continue its measures regarding the protection on biodiversity and is looking for new, firm targets on environmental issues from Denver, such as climate change and emissions, which Britain seeks to reduce to 20% below the 1990 levels by 2010. Look for Britain to push its lagging G-7 partners on environmental issues and to support Canada on its push for a Global Forestry Convention.

Contributors:Allison Smith and Aron Halpern.

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