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Analytical Studies

Objectives by Issue (Evaluative Criteria): 1998 Birmingham Summit

Electronic Crime

The US will no doubt follow up on Janet Reno's initiative to combat high-tech crime on the Internet. Reno hosted a conference with the G7 justice ministers in December 1997. The Blair government has reiterated Reno's concerns. The UK also called for closer co-operation amongst the G8 countries to bring high-tech criminals to justice. Whereas Reno emphasized the need to identify ways for local and national law enforcement agencies to work together to catch cyber criminals, Home Secretary Jack Straw focused on the importance of national law enforcement agencies to be able to transcend international boundaries to seize criminal assets. Straw sees such seizure as an essential element of effectively curbing crime. The EU has also voiced the need to establish global regulations. The European Commission recently announced plans for an international charter to govern business on the Internet intended to serve as a guide for the international community.

Document prepared by: Cindy Blazevic
April 1998

~ Objectives by Issue (Evaluative Criteria): 1998 Birmingham Summit ~

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