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From Denver 1997 to Birmingham 1998
Country Report


~ Russia Contents ~ Country Objectives ~

Political Data ~ Economic Data

Political Data
Head of State (President): Boris Yeltsin
Prime Minister: Sergei Kiriyenko
Deputy Prime Ministers: Boris Nemtsov
Victor Khristenko
Finance Minister: Mikhail Zadornov
Foreign Minister: Yevgeny Primakov
Minister of the Interior: Sergei Stepashin
Minister of Defence: Igor Sergeev
Transport Minister: Nikolai Aksenenko


Economic Data
GDP: (1995) Rubles 1,630 bln
(1996) Rubles 2,256 bln
Source: IMF
Economic Growth Rate: (March 1998) +0.1% change on year earlier
Source: The Economist
Consumer Price Inflation Rate: (Mar. 1998) +8.6% change on year earlier
Source: The Economist
Unemployment Rate: N/A
Interest Rate: (22 April 1998 - Short-term) 30.00% per annum
Exchange Rates: [Rubles per US dollar / Official Rate - Period Average]
(1996) 5.1210 (1997) 5.7850
(Jan. 1998) 5.9951
Source: IMF
(22 April 1998 - The Economist) 6.00
Current Account:
(latest 12 months)
(1997 3rd quarter) +7.5 US$ bln
Source: The Econoimist

Prepared by Gina Stephens, University of Toronto G8 Research Group, May 1998.

~ Russia Contents ~ Country Objectives ~

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