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From Birmingham 1998 to Köln 1999.


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Political Data
Head Of State: Governor General Romeo Leblanc
(appointed by the Prime Minister)
Prime Minister: Jean Chrétien
Finance Minister: Paul Martin
Foreign Affairs Minister: Lloyd Axworthy
Trade Minister: Sergio Marchi
Central Bank Governor (Bank Of Canada): Gordon Theissen
Environment Minister: Christine Stewart
Justice Minister And Attorney General: Anne Mclellan
Employment Minister: Claudette Bradshaw (Minister of Labour)
Pierre Pettigrew (Minister of Human Resources Development)

Sherpa: Donald Campbell (Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs)
Sous-Sherpa: TBA
Political Director: TBA

Structure Of Government

   Seats in House of Commons
(March 30, 1999)
Governing Party - Liberal Party 156
Opposition Parties - Reform Party 59
 Bloc Quebecois 44
 New Democratic Party 21
  Progressive Conservatives 19
 Independents 2
 Total 301

Date of Last Election - June 1997
Date of Next Election - June 2002 (at the latest)

Public Opinion / Approval Rating - As of February 1, 1999, the governing Liberal Party had 47% popular support, compared with 14% for the Progressive Conservatives, 14% for the Reform Party, 12% for the NDP, and 11% for the Bloc Québécois. The latest poll conducted between April 28 and May 13 showed the Liberals to be enjoying "overwhelming support in every region except Alberta - and even there they've tied for first place . . ." In Alberta Reform and the Liberals are tied with 37% support each. Nationally, the Liberals have 57% of the popular vote.

Economic Data
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) (1998): C$888.4 billion
GDP per Capita (4th Quarter 1998): C$27,657 (constant 1992 C$)
C$29,529 (current C$)
Economic Growth Rate (1998): 3.0%
Inflation (1998): 0.9%
Unemployment rate (April 1998): 8.3%
Bank rate: 4.75%
Exchange rate (1998 average): US$0.67
Current Account (3rd Quarter 1998): C$ -4.4 billion
Foreign Direct Investment (Position - 1998):
    Into Canada:
    By Canada:
C$217.1 billion
C$239.8 billion
Creditor / Borrower: N/A
Foreign Aid as a % GNP (1997/98): 0.30%
World ranking: N/A

Major Trading Partners:
Exports to (C$billion) Imports from (C$billion)
United States $252.4   United States $203.3
Japan $8.2   Japan $14.0
United Kingdom $4.1   China $7.7
Germany $2.5   Mexico $7.6
Netherlands $1.8   United Kingdom $6.2
Major Trade Products (1997)
Exports (C$billion) Imports (C$billion)
Automotive Products $76.3   Machinery / Equip. $101.6
Machinery / Equip. $66.4   Automotive Products $66.7
ndustrial goods $53.4   ndustrial goods $59.7

Prepared by Jason Krausert, Eleni Maniatis and Mike Youash, May 1999.

~ Canada Contents ~ Country Objectives ~

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