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Objectives by Issue (Evaluative Criteria): 1999 Köln Summit


Employment has been one of the central micro-economic issues covered by the G8 in past years. Indeed, it was one of the main issues at last years' Birmingham summit. Employment, or better put, unemployment is of major concern for the German summit hosts, whose unemployment rate nears 11%. The Germans thus originally put employment on the main list of topic to be dealt with at the summit.

As the summit opens, however, it is international and not domestic issues such as employment which have the leaders attention. With Kosovo, Russia, debt relief and the financial architecture dominating the agenda it seem unlikely that employment will be dealt with in any significant way in Cologne.

In light of the significance and prescience of the international issues being dealt with this year, the leaders can still be considered to have been successful on the issue of employment if it is again dealt with in some way this year. If the issue is approached the focus is likely to be on the importance of education and human capital building.The very fact that the leaders continue to address this significant micro-economic issue of employment year after year would demonstrate the G8's persistence in dealing with a multi-faceted problem.

Compiled by: Lorna Schmidt
June 1999

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