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From Birmingham 1998 to Köln 1999
Country Report


~ Country Objectives ~

Four Potential Key Issues for Italy

  1. Kosovo Re-Establishment - Look for discussion of the Italian contribution to the re-establishment package for Kosovo; the Italian position on the continued acceptance of Kosovar refugees and the effort to re-locate the existing ones; at present, approximately 10,000 ethnic Albanian Refugees reside in southern Italy alone.

  2. Kosovo Peace Keeping Effort - Look for a firm Italian position on maintaining Russian peacekeepers as the front-line forces in Kosovo, with guidance by NATO.

  3. Standardization of EU Policy on Health and Food Safety - having worked on the issue since the discovery of the tainted beef supplies in the U.K., the Italian decision to keep Coke on the shelf brings the issue of standardization of EU policy concerning food safety standards to the forefront and may come up at this summit.

  4. Employment - With unemployment averaging approximately 25% in the south and 14% nationally, and taxes being among the highest in Western Europe, Italy faces the tough job of repairing an economy and building an infrastructure that has suffered years of neglect under previous governments. We can expect these issues to be addressed this year as well.

Prepared by Rob Maccarone
University of Toronto G8 Research Group, June 1999

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