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Internet Opens G8 Summit to Individuals Worldwide

G8 Summit Content Available Online via alliance Among
University of Toronto, eCollege.com
Hewlett-packard, mediaOne Group and Siemens

University of Toronto experts are also available on www.g8online.org--a new innovative web site created to give individuals around the world unprecedented access to and analysis on the 1999 G8 Summit.

About G8online.org: The World's Largest Online Classroom

Visitors to the site will particicpate in the world's largest free online classroom and information center, with live and archived news, information on past and present Summit meetings, and direct interaction with G8 delegates via the Internet.

g8online.org removes the barriers to learning, giving participants the opportunity to interact regardless of language, cultural or time differences. Currently more than 4,000 students of all ages have registered on the web site, representing more than 1,000 educational institutions from 65 nations.

World Leaders Interact with Students Online

Madeleine Albright, U.S. Secretary of State, Robert E. Rubin, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Lloyd Axworthy, Canadian Secretary of State for External Affairs, and Paul Martin, Canadian Minister of Finance, have already been interviewed and web-casted on g8online.org. Prime Minister Jean Chrétien has agreed to an online Q&A session with students. At the 1998 Birmingham Summit, President Bill Clinton interacted with students and we anticipate his participation again this year.

Innovative Partnership

eCollege.com, the leader in online education, designs and delivers the content and technology for g8online.org. In addition, MediaOne Group, Hewlett-Packard, Siemens and the governments of Canada and Germany are also sponsors of the site.

For Interviews:

Please contact Jillian Bannister and/or Stacy Katz on 0172-267-47-50 and/or visit us at the working desks by the WDR TV Studio. We also have experts available on site for discussion about how eCollege.com created the G8 Summit online and how they connect students and  educators via the Internet.

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