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Money Mobilized by the Muskoka Initiative

Compiled by Robin Lennox, G8 Research Group
as of June 28, 2010

New Funding % of Total G8 Funding
United States $1.3 billion (2010-11) [a] 26%
Canada $1.1 billion (within 5 years) 22%
United Kingdom $600 million (2010-11) [b] 12%
Germany ~$500 million (within 5 years) 10%
Japan $500 million 10%
France $400 million (within 5 years) 8%
Russia $75 million 1.5%
Italy N/A N/A
European Union [c] N/A N/A
G8 + European Union Total $5 billion
New Funding % of Total New Funding
Korea N/A N/A
Netherlands N/A N/A
New Zealand N/A N/A
Norway N/A N/A
Spain N/A N/A
Switzerland N/A N/A
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation 1.5 billion 20.5%
United Nations Foundation N/A N/A
Other Total 2.3 billion
Total 7.3 billion


The contributions of Italy and the European Union must total $600 million or 12% of the total G8 funding ($5 billion).

The contributions of Korea, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Switzerland and the UN Foundation must total $800 million or 11% of the total new funding ($7.3 billion).

[a] Initial two-year commitment covering 2010 and 2011. Possibility for additional funding to continue the initiative after 2011.

[b] Plans beyond 2011 not yet determined, but efforts between 2012 and 2015 will likely increase to double the number of maternal, newborn and children’s lives saved..

[c] Support for maternal and child health will increase during 2011-13, and maternal, newborn and children’s health will be addressed in the new financial framework as of 2013.

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