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G8 Foreign Ministers' Meetings

Proposals of the G 8 Presidency in the Light of the Discussions on Civilian Implementation in Kosovo, Gürzenich/Cologne

10 June 1999

The G 8 Foreign Ministers adopted the following general principles on the civilian aspects of the implementation of an interim peace settlement in Kosovo:
  1. Integrated civilian implementation structure to maximise effectiveness.

  2. A Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary-General, as envisaged in paragraph 6 and 10 of the draft United Nations Security Council Resolutions prepared by the G 8 Foreign Ministers on 8 June 1999 should be appointed rapidly to lead the civilian effort.

  3. Other international organisations with relevant expertise to contribute as part of an integrated structure, with each Organisation retaining its own separate accountability,

  4. A Steering Board to give strategic direction, bringing together the, EU, the UN, the OSCE, the G8-Member States, the organisations involved and a representative of the OIC.

  5. Close coordination between the civilian and military presences from the outset.

  6. Civilian implementation structure to be deployed rapidly, as soon as a secure environment has been established.

  7. A conference of the relevant international organisations to be convened urgently by the United Nations Secretary-General to assign responsibility for the specific areas set out in paragraph 11 of the draft United Nations Security Council Resolutions as prepared by the G 8 Foreign Ministers on 8 June 1999.

  8. Particular priority to be given to the establishment and deployment of an international civilian police force, and to the training of a locally recruited police force, in order to take on responsibility for civil law and order as soon as possible from KFOR, as envisaged in the MTA of 9 June 1999.

  9. Given the scale of the reconstruction task, an early donors' conference in which G 8 member states pledge to play a full part.

  10. The restoration of stability in Kosovo to be part of a wider strategy for regeneration of the region, as set out in the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe.

Source: Released at the Foreign Ministers Meeting, Cologne, "Gürzenich", 10 June 1999

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