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Financial Post, Daily edition, Fri 28 Jun 96

Canada urged the world's major industrial powers yesterday to share more intelligence information to combat terrorism, following Tuesday's bomb attack on a U.S. military base in Saudi Arabia. "There is a major opportunity for intelligence sharing in these matters. We can have much more co-ordinated international activity in these areas," Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy told reporters in Lyon, France, before the start of a three-day Group of Seven summit. "People are moved, money is moved, weapons are moved across borders," he said. "People use false passports, use sanctuary rules." He expected the U.S. would propose a series of measures to counter terrorism at the G7 summit that began last night and run through Saturday. "The events that took place 36 hours ago will ensure a serious discussion," Axworthy said. The terrorist bombing in Saudi Arabia killed 19 Americans and wounded about 500 other people.

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