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Financial Post, Weekly edition, Wed 03 Apr 96, page 2


Industry Minister John Manley said yesterday that the Group of Seven meeting on unemployment showed Canada was tackling its chronically high jobless problem the right way. ``It acted as a reality check on our own policies,'' Manley said at the close of the two-day meeting of the industrialized powers in the northern French city of Lille. The talks were called by French President Jacques Chirac to come up with ways to combat joblessness, especially high in continental Europe. The G7's final declaration which stresses deficit reduction, the clean-up of public finances and the promotion of small and medium-sized businesses, were policies that Canada had already adopted, Manley said. But he said that unemployment, at 9.4%, still ``had a long way to fall.'' In its final statement, the G7 also noted the importance of enhancing core labor standards around the world and examining links between these standards and international trade in an appropriate forum.

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