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Financial Post, Weekly edition, Wed 17 Apr 96, page 2


Canada expects to advocate to the world's most powerful nations this week a novel way to dispose of plutonium waste from obsolete nuclear warheads -- burning it in reactors. ``We look at this as a contribution that could be made to controlling nuclear waste . . . and avoiding plutonium falling into the wrong hands of hostile governments,'' Foreign Affairs spokesman Ariel Delouya said. The Group of Seven leading industrial nations and Russia will discuss nuclear safety and security at a Moscow summit Friday and Saturday. Delouya said the issue may be raised under a security item on the agenda. Although the G7 leaders are expected to agree on the safe management of nuclear disposal, Delouya said the plutonium plan still needs approval from countries with the greatest amount of weapons. ``The U.S. has indicated [the plan] is on a short list of 10 items to consider,'' said Delouya. ``The Russians have just begun a feasibility study to see if they'll consider it.''

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