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Financial Post, Daily: National; Toronto; Vancouver, Thursday, June 12, 1997

When G7 leaders reached out to Mikhail Gorbachev in the Soviet Union's waning days, they invited him to their 1991 London summit -- but only for lunch. Six years later his successor, Russian President Boris Yeltsin, will take part in every meal and meeting at next week's Group of Seven summit in Denver except one, a Saturday afternoon session on economic and financial issues. U.S. officials, hosts for the June 20-22 summit, say Russia's expanded role at Denver is justified by its weight in the world and argue that its presence serves the interests of the leading industrial nations, as well as of Russia itself. On matters from fighting global crime and terror to promoting nuclear safety and non-proliferation, they said, Russia's active collaboration is vital. ``It's impossible to imagine working on those issues without Russia,'' said one official. At Denver, Yeltsin will join talks on selected economic matters, such as how to cope with aging populations and how to design social safety nets to serve them. In a rhetorical effort to underscore Russia's expanded participation, the U.S. has baptized the Denver meeting the Summit of the Eight.

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