G8 Information Centre, Online Lectures 2002

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Biographies, Denisse Rudich

Denisse Rudich is currently graduating from the University of Toronto, with a major in international relations and minors in political science, economics and history. As a research assistant for the past three years, she has conducted research and analysis relating to a range of issues: globalization and its effects, domestic and international systems and infrastructures, the G7/G8, and global governance. Through her efforts with interdepartmental faculty, she assisted in launching a collaborative conference series. Also, Denisse has assisted Professor Peter Hajnal in organizing the G8 physical collection and its database at the Graham Library at Trinity College, University of Toronto. She has worked for both the director of the Munk Centre for International Studies and the director of the Centre for International Studies, as well as other professors and research associates based at the University of Toronto.

Denisse is fluent in English, Spanish and French and can read Italian and Portuguese.