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Biographies, George von Furstenberg

Professional Advisory Council, G8 Research Group
Fordham University

List of Lectures

George von Furstenberg, for many years a titled Professor of Economics at Indiana University, was the inaugural holder of the Robert Bendheim Chair in Economic and Financial Policy at Fordham University 2000-2002 before returning to his position at Indiana University. His academic pursuits have alternated with work as Division Chief at the International Monetary Fund from 1978 to 1983 and at agencies of the Government of the United States, such as HUD (1967-68), the President's Council of Economic Advisors (Senior Economist, 1973-76), and the Department of State (1989-90). In Washington, he has also been a resident fellow, economist, or advisor at the Brookings Institution and American Enterprise Institute. His interests are consequently oriented toward policy, broad and international, with core subjects of macroeconomic theory and international finance. Professor von Furstenberg's book projects include regulation and supervision of financial institutions in the NAFTA countries and learning from the world's best central bankers. He is co-editor, with John Kirton, of New Directions in Global Economic Governance: Managing Globalisation in the Twenty-First Century (Ashgate, 2001), and a contributor to Shaping a New International Financial System, edited by Karl Kaiser, John Kirton, and Joseph Daniels (Ashgate, 2000), Guiding Global Order: G8 Governance in the Twenty-First Century, edited by John Kirton, Joseph Daniels, and Andreas Freytag (Ashgate, 2001), and Governing Global Finance: New Challenges, G7 and IMF Contributions (Ashgate, 2002). Professor von Furstenberg joined the G8 Research Group and its Professional Advisory Council in 1999, and in 2000 was president of the North American Economics and Finance Association, focussing on integration processes in the Western hemisphere.

List of Lectures

12. Combating Financial Crisis
13. Constructing a New International Financial Architecture