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Biographies, Madline Koch

Managing Editor
G8 Research Group

Madeline Koch is the Managing Editor of the G8 Research Group, which involves managing three series of books published by Ashgate Publishing and edited by John Kirton: the G8 and Global Governance series, the Global Finance series and the Global Environmental Governance series. Each series has produced one book this year - New Directions in Global Political Governance: The G8 and International Order in the Twenty-First Century, edited by John Kirton and Junichi Takase, Governing Global Finance: New Challenges, G7 and IMF Contributions, edited by Michele Fratianni, Paolo Savona and John Kirton, and Linking Trade, Environment and Social Cohesion: NAFTA Experiences, Global Challenges, edited by John Kirton and Viriginia Maclaren.

Ms Koch has been associated with the G8 Research Group since she attended the Paris Summit in 1989 (she took ten years off, however, and started attending summits again at Cologne in 1999). Her duties as managing editor extend to conference organization and media relations, among other things. A freelance editor, she has worked on a variety of projects unrelated to international relations, ranging from textbooks to cookbooks.