G8 Information Centre, Online Lectures 2002

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Biographies, Petra Kukacka

Petra Kukacka is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto with a B.Sc. in International Relations and Environmental Science. For the past two years, she has been involved with the G8 Research Group as an analyst, serving on the home team. In the past, her issue areas have included food safety, biotechnology, aging and children in armed conflict. This year, she will attend the Kananaskis Summit, while covering the European Union and the issue of universal primary education.

For the past year, Petra has been a Research Assistant at the Munk Centre for International Studies and has worked on a variety of projects and conferences. Most notably, she participated in the design and navigation of senior-level research project that assessed the impact of the global anti-corporate civil society movement on policy formation and global governance. Petra plans to pursue an M.Sc, in policy formation towards environmental protection in Latin America.

Petra is fluent in English and Czech and also speaks Spanish.