G8 Information Centre, Online Lectures 2002

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Biographies, Salimah Ebrahim

Born in Nairobi and raised in Vancouver, Salimah Ebrahim is entering her fourth year of undergraduate study at the University of Toronto. Her majors in international relations and Middle Eastern history are highly relevant to today's global dynamics. An analyst with the G8 Research Group, she has prepared reports on infectious diseases, biotechnology, terrorism and the United States. In addition to working on the Press Bulletin at last year's G8 Summit in Genoa, she attended the G20 finance ministers meeting in Ottawa and will be onsite this year in Calgary.

As Associate Director of the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition, Canada's largest youth conservation initiative, Salimah focuses on environmental issues and is interested in the process of bridging the gap between industry, environmentalists and government to create a legacy of sustainable development and resource management for generations to come.