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Biography, Ella Kokotsis (Lecturer)

 Picture of Ella Kokotsis

Director of Analytical Studies
G8 Research Group
List of Lectures

Ella Kokotsis is Director of Analytical Studies for the University of Toronto's G8 Research Group. She joined the Research Group in 1994 as a policy analyst and research co-ordinator. In this position, she has attended various G7/G8 summits and prepared commissioned policy options papers for the Canadian Centre for Foreign Policy Development at the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. She has presented conference papers at pre-summit academic conferences at Denver (1997), London (1998), Cologne (1999), Genoa (2001), Kananaskis (2002) and Evian (2003). Author of Keeping International Commitments: Compliance, Credibility, and the G7, 1988–1995 (Garland, 1999), Dr. Kokotsis holds a PhD in International Relations from the University of Toronto.

List of Lectures

Lecture 3: Compliance and the G8 Summits
Lecture 10: Germany and the G7/G8 with Hanns W. Maull
Lecture 24: Commitments made during the 2004 Sea Island Summit


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