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Biography, Dr. Saori N. Katada (Lecturer)

   Picture of Saori N. Katada

Associate Professor
School of International Relations
Von KleinSmid Center, 309
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0043
(213) 740-8542

List of Lectures

Professor Katada's researchrevolves around North-South issues, particularly the ways in which relationsamong developed countries influence the political economy of development.Her special interests include international financial and monetary relations,foreign aid, and foreign investments that involve both the United Statesand Japan, as well as other countries in Asia and Latin America. Her mostrecent work focuses on the study of regionalism. She is also interestedin the integration of qualitative and quantitative research methods. Sheteaches courses on Japanese foreign policy, international political economy,North-South relations and development, as well as Pacific Rim issues.

Major Publications:
Banking on Stability: Japan and the Cross-Pacific Dynamics of International Financial Crisis of Management, University of Michigan Press, 2001 (Received Ohira Memorial Book Award in 2002); "Japan's Two-Track Aid Approach: The Forces Behind Competing Triads," Asian Survey, (2002); "Why did Japan Suspend Foreign Aid to China? Japan's Foreign Aid Decision- making and Sources of Aid Sanction," Social Science Japan Journal (2001); "Aid Politics and Electoral Politics": Japan 1970-1992, with Timothy J. McKeown, International Studies Quarterly (1998); "Two Aid Hegemons: Japanese-American Interactions and Aid Allocations to Latin America and the Caribbean," World Development 25, 16 (June 1997); "The Japanese Government in Two Mexican Crises: An Emerging Lender-of-Last-Resort!" Pacific Affairs, 18, I; "Official Financial Flows to China: Recent Trends and Major Characteristics," with Kwang Jun in Kui-Wai Li (ed.), Financing China Investment and Trade (1997); "Japan and the G-7 Debate on the International Financial Architecture," forthcoming as a chapter in John Kirton (ed.), New Direction in Global Economic Governance: Creating International Order for the Twenty-first Century, Ashgate, 2001; "Determining Factors of Japan's Cooperation and Non-cooperation with the United States: The Case of Asian Financial Crisis Management, 1997-1999" forthcoming as a chapter in Akitoshi Miyashita and Yoichiro Sato (eds.), Japanese Foreign Policy in Asia and the Pacific: Domestic Interests, American Pressure, and Regional Integration, St. Martin's Press, 2001.

Social Science Research Council's (SSRC) Abe Fellowship (2000-2001), College Awards for Research Excellence, USC (1997-98). Social Science Research Council, Japan Program, Dissertation Write-up Grant (1993).

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Political Science)

Japanese Foreign Policy; International Political Economy-Pacific Rim countries

List of Lectures

Lecture 11: Japan and the G7/G8


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