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G8 Summit, Wednesday, June 9, 2004
By Montana Burnett

John Watson, Chief of staff for Governor Perdue, introduced Georgia's finest in the domestic and international business sectors to reporters at the G8 Summit Wednesday morning. He touted Georgia as one of the United State's leading and fastest growing business economies. He also cited several large-scale and fortune 500 businesses who found Georgia to be a very attractive business location for reasons such as the abundant transportation facilities (access to international air travel and numerous ports for import/export); the capacity for Georgia to attract skilled labour; the advanced technological support around Georgia; and finally the strength of the banking community in the state.

Businesses based in Georgia include UPS, Delta, CNN, and Home Depot. Representing the large-scale businesses were the CEOs of Georgia-Pacific Corporation (an international Fortune 500 forest products company) and Pete Correll and Robert Ratiff of AGCO Corporation (an international manufacturer and distributor of agricultural equipment). The CEOs praised the state of Georgia as a good place to come and expand from a domestic to an international market. Doug Marchand, executive director of the Georgia Ports Authority (the fastest growing port in America) also expressed his thanks to the G8 for all of the business which they generate. He cited the contributors in order from largest to smallest, thanking Japan, UK, Italy, Germany, France, and Canada, and leaving out Russia and the US.


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