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G7/G8 system and evolution, John Kirton

Hello, I'm Professor John Kirton, Director of the G8 Research Group, a global network of G8 scholars and experts, based at the University of Toronto, in Canada.

I am pleased to introduce you to G8 Online 2004 an online, university-level course that explores the Group of Eight major market democracies in the leadup to, and at, its annual Summit, taking place in Sea Island, Georgia, on June 810, 2004. At Sea Island, the United States will host two days of intensive and potentially historic discussions with its G8 partners France, Britain, Germany, Japan, Italy, Canada, Russia and the European Union. Here their leaders will confront three central challenges: generating security, prosperity and freedom for our twenty-first century world. They will try to set new directions and take far-reaching decisions to reach their ambitious goals in each sphere.

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