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Part 1

  1. G7/G8 system and evolution
    Lecturer: John Kirton

  2. Generating Co-operation at the G8
    Lecturer: John Kirton

  3. Compliance and the G8 Summits
    Lecturer: Ella Kokotsis

  4. G7/G8 in Global Governance
    Lecturer: Kimon Valaskakis

  5. The US and the G7/G8
    Lecturer: Robert Fauver

  6. Canada and the G7/G8
    Lecturer: John Kirton

  7. France and the G7/G8
    Lecturer: John Kirton

  8. UK Objectives for the Sea Island Summit
    Lecturer: Nicholas Bayne

  9. Russia and the G7/G8
    Lecturer: Victoria Panova

  10. Germany and the G7/G8
    Lecturer(s): Hanns W. Maull with Ella Kokotsis

  11. Japan and the G7/G8
    Lecturer: Saori Katada

  12. Italy and the G7/G8
    Lecturer: John Kirton

  13. The European Union and the G7/G8

Part 2

  1. Security against terrorism
    Lecturer: Dan Benjamin

  2. Security against weapons of mass destruction
    Lecturer: Dan Benjamin

  3. Securing Freedom
    Lecturer(s): David Malone with John Kirton

  4. Securing sustainable energy
    Lecturer: John Kirton

  5. Securing health
    Lecturer: Antonia Maioni

  6. Prosperity through freer trade
    Lecturer: Michele Fratianni

  7. Digital prosperity: e-commerce and ICTs
    Lecturer: Jeffrey Hart

  8. Market freedom: anti-corruption and corporate governance
    Lecturer: John Kirton

  9. The legacy of the 2002 and 2003 Summits
    Lecturer: John Kirton

  10. Plans, participants, prospects and potential for the 2004 Sea Island Summit
    Lecturer: John Kirton

  11. Commitments made during the 2004 Sea Island Summit
    Lecturer: Ella Kokotsis

  12. Achievements of the 2004 Sea Island Summit
    Lecturer: John Kirton

  13. The legacy for the next summit; looking ahead
    Lecturer: John Kirton

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