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The 2005 G8 Summit will take place at Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire, Scotland from July 6-8, 2005.

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Official Website: http://www.perthshireg8.com/
Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire, Scotland, July 6-8, 2005


Press Briefings

Jacques Chirac, President of France, July 7 2005/16:30 - Media Centre, Gleneagles, Scotland (by Sarah Brun)

The French President Mr. Jacques Chirac began the press briefing with his heartfelt condolences to the victims of the London terror attacks. He called it an inhuman and barbarian act that will accomplish nothing and said Prime Minister Blair who made the obvious and right decision in leaving for London. Mr. Chriac also made it clear that the terrorists would not get the satisfaction of halting the summit. In fact, the attacks only strengthened the solidarity of the thirteen nations. The President also offered condolences to Egypt for the loss of their Ambassador to Iraq. READ THE FULL PRESS BRIEFING.

Vicente Fox, President of Mexico, July 7 2005/16:30 - Media Centre, Gleneagles, Scotland (by Sarah Brun)

The Mexican President began his briefing with an expression of solidarity towards Prime Minister Tony Blair and the people of London due to the terrorist bombings of this morning. Like all the world leaders, President Fox emphasized there had no questions as to whether the scheduled meetings between the G8 nations and the G5 countries should continue. Canceling or delaying would only be victorious to the terrorists. READ THE FULL PRESS BRIEFING.

Barroso Pledges 1 billion/year in aid for the next budget round, July 6 2005/16:30 - Media Centre, Gleneagles, Scotland (by Sarah Brun)

The President of the European Union, Mr. Barroso, began his briefing by reminding the press that the EU was in fact the ninth member of the G8. In his attention-grabbing opening statements, the President used strong language when discussing poverty; saying it was a shame that so little progress had been made. He termed it morally unacceptable. If the world continues on the slow slope to help we see today, he said, the goal would not be reached until sometime after 2100. The current goal set by leaders is 2015, therefore stronger action is needed. READ THE FULL PRESS BRIEFING.

Make Poverty History Press Briefing, July 6 2005/14:00 - Media Centre, Gleneagles, Scotland (by Sarah Brun)

The Make Poverty History Campaign spans across several NGOs who have joined together to push for debt relief and aid in Africa and other developing nations. READ THE FULL PRESS BRIEFING.


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