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The G8 and Global Governance Book Series

The G7/G8 System: Evolution, Role, and Documentation

University of Toronto

With a contribution by Sian Meikle
University of Toronto

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© Peter I. Hajnal, 1999

ISBN 1-84014-776-8


Foreword by Sir Nicholas Bayne

  1. The G7/G8 as an International Institution
    Origins of the G7 Summit
    The Role of the Summit
    Summit Reform
  2. The Summit Meetings
    Summit Cycles
  3. The Players
    Russia's Membership
    Other Candidates for Membership
  4. The G7/G8 System
    Ministerial Meetings
    Sherpa Meetings
    Meetings of Task Forces, Working Groups, and Expert Groups
  5. Connections with Other International Organisations and Fora
  6. The Agenda of the Summit
  7. Summit Results
  8. G7/G8 Documentation
    Summit Documentation
    The Communiqué
    Preparing the Communiqué
    The Political Declarations and Chairman's Statements
    Other Types of Leaders' Documents
    Outside Communications to the Summit
    Documentation of Ministerial Conferences, Task Forces, Working Groups, and Expert Groups
    Ministerial Documentation
    Other Official-Level Documentation
  9. Assessing G7/G8 Documentation
  10. Other Sources of Information about the G7/G8
    Writings about the G7/G8
    Appendix: Examples of Writing about the G7/G8
  11. G7/G8 Information: Internet Resources
    Sian Meikle
    Government Sites
    International Organisations
    Other G7/G8-Related Web Sites
    Academic Sites
    University of Toronto G8 Information Centre
    History, Purpose and Philosophy
    Indexing and Searching of the Site
    Issues of Site Maintenance
    Users of the G8 Information Site
  12. Conclusions
    G7/G8 Bibliography
    Books, Shorter Writings, and Publications in Series
    Chapters in Books
    Articles in Periodicals
    Government Publications
    International Organisation Publications
    Internet Resources



Figure 3.1 Model of a Three-Tier Evolution of the G7/G8
Figure 11.1 Total Pages Requested from the G7 Information Centre, by Week
Figure 11.2 Top 250 Pages: Subject Category by Proportion of Total, 1998
Figure 11.3 Top 250 Pages: Subject Category by Proportion of Use, 1998
Figure 11.4 Summary of Email Questions by User Category, 1998
Figure 11.5 Summary of Email Questions by Subject Category, 1998


Table 2.1 G7/G8 Annual Summit Meetings, 1975-1999
Table 2.2 Main Events of the 1993 Tokyo Summit
Table 2.3 Main Events of the 1996 Lyon Summit
Table 2.4 Main Events of the 1997 Denver Summit of the Eight
Table 2.5 Main Events of the 1998 Birmingham G8 Summit
Table 3.1 Real GDP Changes of the G7, the EU, Russia and China
Table 4.1 The G7/G8 system
Table 4.2 Main Events of the Pre-Summit Meeting of the G7/G8 Foreign and Finance Ministers, London, 8-9 May 1998
Table 5.1 G7/G8 Voting Power in the IMF and World Bank
Table 7.1 Co-operative Achievements of the G7/G8 Summits, 1975-1998
Table 11.1 Most Popular Thirty Pages at G8 Information Centre
Table 11.2 Summary of Email Questions Received by Country, 1998


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