House of Commons Issue No. 16 Minutes of Proceedings and Evidence of the Standing Committee on Foreign and International Trade
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From Bretton Woods to Halifax and Beyond:
Towards a 21st Summit for the 21st Century Challenge

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List of witnesses

Associations and Individuals Issue Date
Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace 16 February 22, 1995
Jacques Bertrand, Coordinator of Educational Services

Carleton University 18 March 14, 1995
Manfred Bienefeld, Professor, School of Public Administration

Department of Finance
The Honourable Paul Martin, Minister of Finance 24 May 2, 1995
Louise Frechette, Associate Deputy Minister 16 February 22, 1995
24 May 2, 1995
Alan Gill, Director, International Finance and Development Division 18 March 14, 1995

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
The Honourable Andreacute; Ouellet, Minister of Foreign Affairs 18 March 14, 1995
Peter Boehm, Director, Economic Summit Coordination Division
16 February 22, 1995
David Preston, Foreign Affairs Director, Economic Relations with Developing Countries Division
18 March 14 1995
Gordon Smith, Deputy Minister 16 February 22, 1995

International Development Research Centre 24 May 1, 1995
Keith Bezanson, President

Multilateral Democracy Project of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade
Policy, Minneapolis
22 March 30, 1995
Orin Kirshner, Directo

North-South Institute 21 March 28, 1995
Roy Culpeper, Vice-President

OXFAM Canada 22 March 30, 1995
John Foster, National Secretary

Sierra Club of Canada 18 March 14, 1995
Robin Round, Multilateral Development Bank Campaign

University of Manitoba 21 March 28, 1995
John Loxley, Professor, Department of Economics

University of Montreal 23 April 4, 1995
Rodrigue Tremblay, Professor, Economics Department

University of Toronto 16 February 22, 1995
Gerald K. Helleiner, Professor, Department of Economics
John Kirton, Associate Professor of Political Science

University of Victoria 23 April 4, 1995
Michael Webb, Professor, Department of Political Science

York University 23 April 4, 1995
Stephen Gill, Professor, International Political Economy


Ariel Buira, Deputy Governor, Bank of Mexico 24 May 1, 1995

Roger Dehem, Professor Emeritus, Laval University 23 April 4, 1995

Indraprasad Patel, India 24 May 1, 1995

Dr. Mohammed Sadli, Indonesia 24 May 1, 1995

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