House of Commons Issue No. 16 Minutes of Proceedings and Evidence of the Standing Committee on Foreign and International Trade
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From Bretton Woods to Halifax and Beyond:
Towards a 21st Summit for the 21st Century Challenge

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List of individuals and groups

Meetings in Washington, D.C. - March 16-17, 1995

Economic Policy Institute

Jerome Levinson

House of Representatives Subcommittee on Domestic and International Monetary Policy of the House Banking Committee

Congressman Michael N. Castle, Del., Chairman Congressman Floyd H. Flake, N.Y. Congressman John D. Fox, Pa. Congressman Sue W. Kelly, N.Y. Congressman Frank A. Lo Biondo, N.J.

Institute for International Economics

Fred Bergsten John Williamson

Inter-American Development Bank

Nancy Birdsall, Vice-President Euric Bobb, Chief, Office of the Presidency William Gunn, Canadian Alternate Director Ricardo Hausmann, Chief Economist Guy Lavigueur, Canadian Executive Director

International Monetary Fund

Jack Boorman, Director, Policy Development and Review Department Ian Clark, Executive Director for Canada, Ireland and the Caribbean Patrick de Fontenay, Director, IMF Institute Jacques Polak, Director, Per Jacobsson Foundation

The Brookings Institution

Wolgang Reinecke

The CATO Institute

Ian Vasquez

U.S. Administration

Robert C. Fauver, U.S. "Sherpa" for the Halifax G-7 Summit U.S.A.I.D.

Colin Bradford, Chief Economist and Assistant Administrator for the Bureau of Program and Policy Coordination Robert Dodson, Coordinator, Bilateral Relations Alan Van Egmond, Acting Director, Office of Donor Coordination, Bureau of Program and Policy Coordination

World Bank

Mark Baird, Director, Development Policy Armeane Choski, Vice-President, Human Resources Development and Operations Policy Leonard Good, Executive Director for Canada, Ireland and the Caribbean Johannes Linn, Vice-President, Financial Policy and Risk Management Robert Piciotto, Director General, Operations Evaluation Ibrahim Shihata, Senior Vice-President and General Counsel Andrew Steer, Director, Environmentally Sustainable Development

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