House of Commons Issue No. 16 Minutes of Proceedings and Evidence of the Standing Committee on Foreign and International Trade
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From Bretton Woods to Halifax and Beyond:
Towards a 21st Summit for the 21st Century Challenge

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List of briefs

Buira, Ariel (Bank of Mexico)

Canadian Catholic Organization for Development and Peace

Canadian MDB Campaign (Sierra Club)

Department of Finance

Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade

Helleiner, Gerald K. (University of Toronto)

Kirton, John (University of Toronto)

Loxley, John (University of Manitoba)

Martin, the Hon. Paul, Minister of Finance

North-South Institute

Ouellet, the Hon. André, Minister of Foreign Affairs

OXFAM Canada

Patel, Indraprasad (India)

Tremblay, Rodrigue (University of Montreal)

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