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Annex II
G7 Declaration on Enhancing Cooperation in the Fight against Transnational Organized Fraud

The G7 Interior and Security Ministers' Communiqué
Mito Ibariki, Japan, December 10, 2023

  1. Fraud, including online and telephone fraud, has evolved and become increasingly sophisticated, organized, and transnational in its nature. The enhancement of Information and Communication Technology that has assisted the development of society, is also being exploited by criminals around the globe to prey on the most vulnerable population through fraud.

  2. Online and telecommunication technology has enabled organized crime groups to work across national borders and carry out fraud in many forms. In certain parts of the world, we see the crime groups traveling abroad seeking safe havens to carry out their fraud operations remotely. We also see a growing link between transnational organized fraud and trafficking in persons, in particular, people lured through messages on social media and trafficked into working as accomplices of such criminal groups.

  3. Considering the accelerating technological change, and the evolving modus operandi of criminals that adapt to the changes within society, we acknowledge that the human and societal cost inflicted by fraud committed by organized crime groups will continue to grow and become a greater challenge, unless we act now.

  4. We will strengthen cooperation among the G7 and work with our partners around the globe to address all forms of fraud, and to detect, disrupt, and dismantle the organized crime groups behind this, including by:

  5. Governments, including law enforcement agencies, and industry have a role in better protecting society from fraud, and the victims and the public will always be at the center of these approaches. With this in mind, we will strive to create an international consensus and commitment to fight the crime of fraud in all its forms among the G7 and our partners around the globe through appropriate frameworks and international fora, including the UK hosted Global Fraud Summit in March 2024.

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Source: National Police Agency of Japan

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