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G7/G8 Scholarly Publications and Papers

The Latest G8 Research:
Papers prepared and presented at the 2006 Convention of the International Studies Association

March 22-25, 2006
San Diego, CA

John J. Kirton. "Explaining Compliance with G8 Financial and Development Commitments: Agency, Institutionalization and Structure."

Ella Kokotsis. "Explaining Compliance with G7/8 Sustainable Development Commitments, 1975-2005."

Victoria Panova. "Explaining Compliance with International Energy Compliance: The G8 and the IEA.

Ivan Savic. "Explaining Compliance with International Commitments to Combat Financial Crisis: The IMF and the G7."

Amandine Scherrer. "Explaining Compliance with International Commitments to Combat Financial Crime: The G8 and FATF."

Gina Stephens. "G8 Institutionalization as a Cause of Compliance: The DOT Force Case."

Heidi Ullrich. "Explaining G7/8 Multilateral Trade Commitments: Is the G7/8 Still Relevant?"

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