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Compliance with G8 Commitments:
Ascertaining the degree of compliance With Summit debt and international trade commitments
For Canada and the United States 1996-1999

Diana Juricevic
POL 495Y
Professor John J. Kirton
Department of Political Science
Centre for International Studies
University of Toronto

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Identifying Commitments:

International Trade


G8 Communiqué Denver 1997

  1. WTO Membership-"We support the goal of early Russian accession to the WTO on the basis of conditions generally applicable to newly acceding members."
  2. Policy Coordination- "The increasing openness and interdependence of our economies, with deep trade linkages and ever greater flows of private capital, means that problems in one country can spill over more easily to affect the rest. We must cooperate to promote global growth and prosperity."
  3. Improving Market Accessibility-"We each will continue to improve, through various means, access to our markets for African exports."
  4. LDC Integration in Trade-"We support the further integration of the least developed countries into the world trading system."
  5. Effective Implementation of WTO Plan-"African countries will be major beneficiaries of efforts in the WTO on a plan of action to promote capacity building and to provide predictable and favourable market access conditions for least developed countries. We are committed to the effective implementation of this plan and intend to participate actively in the high-level WTO/UNCTAD/International Trade Centre meeting later this year."
  6. Export Control Regimes-"We underline our support for arrangements that make up international export control regimes. The Zangger Committee and Nuclear Suppliers Group, the Missile Technology Control Regime, and for those who are members, the Australia Group Export control regime, all contribute critically to the global application and enforcement of international export control norms."


Identifying Commitments

Debt Relief


G8 Communiqué Denver 1997

  1. Implementation of Partnership For Development "This year, we aim to translate the principles of that Partnership into new concrete action to support the efforts of African countries to participate fully in the expansion of global prosperity and to spread the benefits throughout their societies. Our objective is not only to facilitate the progressive integration of African countries into the world economy, but also to foster the integration of poor populations into economic, social and political life of their countries."
  2. LDC Political Reforms- "We will support African efforts to promote democracy and good governance, improve the integrity of public institutions, enhance the transparency of government spending, in particular of procurement, and develop national anti-bribery regulations."
  3. Review of Development Aid Programs- "We will review our own bilateral aid and trade promotion programs to ensure that they support climates conducive to economic growth and private investment, including by strengthening capacity."
  4. Allocation of Development Assistance-"We will work with African countries to ensure adequate and well-targeted assistance for those countries which have the greatest need and carry out the necessary broad-based reforms. This assistance will include support for democratic governance, respect for human rights, sound public administration, efficient legal and judicial systems, infrastructure development, rural development, food security, environmental protection and human resource development, including health and education of their people."
  5. Effective Implementation of Development Assistance- "To maximize the effectiveness of our efforts, we will deepen the dialogue with African partners, work for greater local ownership of development strategies, and encourage the participation of non-governmental actors."
  6. Strengthening Donor Coordination-"We will also strengthen donor coordination, including with emerging donors."
  7. Integration and Coordination of UN Development Funds-"We encourage the UN's development funds and programs and specialized agencies, to emphasize work in the field of Africa and to fully integrate and coordinate their efforts, both at the headquarters and at the country level."
  8. Effectiveness of UN Development Approach-"The UN Development Program's decision to allocate a portion of its resources based on program quality is a useful approach to assuring effectiveness, and we urge that it be adopted more broadly in the UN's work.
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