The Significance of the Seven-Power Summit
by John Kirton


1. The existing scholarly literature on the summit, while expanding, remains rather sparse, particularly in comparison to the mountains of material available on the institutions of the United Nations system and the Atlantic Alliance. The major full-length works on the summit are: Robert D. Putnam and Nicholas Bayne, Hanging Together: Cooperation and Conflict in the Seven-Power Summits, rev. ed. (Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1987); Georges de Menil and Anthony M. Solomon, Economic Summitry (New York: Council on Foreign relations, 1983); Cesare Merlini, ed., Economic Summits and Western Decision-Making (London: Croom Helm; New York: St. Martin's Press in association with the European Institute of Public Administration, 1984); David Watt, Next Steps for Summitry: Report of the Twentieth Century Fund International Conference on Economic Summitry; Background Paper (New York: Priority Press, 1984); Georges de Menil, Les Sommets ‚conomiques: les politiques nationales … l'heure de l'interd‚pendance (Paris: Economica, 1983); Michael J. Artis and Sylvia Ostry, International Economic Policy Coordination (London: Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1986); and Leonard Waverman and Thomas Wilson, eds., Macroeconomic Coordination and the Summit,Canadian Public Policy 15 (February 1989), Special Issue.

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