The Diplomacy of Concert: Canada, the G-7 and the Halifax Summit
by John Kirton


13. George Von Furstenberg and Jospeh Daniels, "Policy undertakings by the seven " summit" countries: ascertaining the degree of compliance," Carnegie-Rochester Conference Series on Public Policy 35 (1991): 297. Assessing national compliance with the Summit's 203 economic and energy commitments from 1975 to 1989, the authors conclude that: "Contrary to those who have tended to represent the Summit undertakings as substantially honoured, though perhaps not necessarily well advised, the combined score is only 0.307...commitments issued at the summits are shots taken in very poor light, if not entirely in the dark." For a more generous view see John Kirton, in Peter Hajnal, ed., The Seven Power Summit: Documents from the Summits of Industrialized Countries, 1975-1989, (Millwoood, New York; Kraus International, 1989), pp. xxi-xli. For a more recent assessment in the development and environment fields see Ella Kokotsis, "Keeping Sustainable Development Commitments: the Record, in Canada, National Roundtable on the Environment and the Economy," The Halifax Summit, Sustainable Development, and International Institutional Reform, (February 1995).

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