The Diplomacy of Concert: Canada, the G-7 and the Halifax Summit
by John Kirton


29. The evaluations of Canada's Summit performance assigned by the editorialists of the Globe and Le Devoir respectively can be translated into grades as follows: 1975 E. 1976 B, 1977 A- and A, 1978 B+ and B-, 1979 A and B, 1980 B and A-, 1981 B+ and B+, 1982 F and E, 1983 D and D, 1984 B, 1985 B and B, 1986 B+, 1987 B+ and B+, 1988 A+ and A, 1989 B, 1990 B and B, 1991 B (in Le Devoir), and 1992 C.

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