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The Japanese Perspective on the
Toronto Economic Summit and the Uruguay Round

Ambassador Tomohiko Kobayashi
Special Economic Advisor to the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan

Bissell Paper Number Eight
Centre for International Studies
University of Toronto
May 1988

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The multilateral trading system is now facing serious challenges. The Uruguay Round represents a golden opportunity to enhance the free and open multilateral trading system of the GATT. A stronger and broader system of multilateral rules is essential in terms of providing the greatest possible scope for the development of world trade and the world economy. In this connection, through the Uruguay Round negotiations, we will have to do our best to ensure a fuller integration of developing countries into the free, open and multilateral trading system of the GATT.

These are the major reasons why the Toronto Summit and the Uruguay Round are so important to Japan. Their undoubted success can only further strengthen the links between our two great countries.

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