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Comparing Canadian and Japanese Approaches to the Seven Power Summit

Charles McMillian

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The Claude Bissell Professorship of Canadian-American Studies was established by, and is supported through, the generosity of the Associates of the University of Toronto in the United States. The Professorship honours Dr. Claude Bissell, President of the University of Toronto from 1958 to 1971. Following his presidency at Toronto, Dr. Bissell took a position at Harvard University where he served as an informal educational ambassador from Canada to the United States. To honour his significant contribution to North American education, the Professorship in his name brings to the University of Toronto each year a senior American or Canadian scholar with a distinguished record of research and teaching about the United States. Canada, or the relationship between them.

For the 1987-88 academic year, the Bissell Professorship is being devoted to a program of research, lectures and conferences on the role of Canada, the United States, and their major partners in the annual summit of the seven leading industrial democracies. That Summit, which is being held in Toronto from June 19-22, 1988, reveals much about the importance of the wider world to Canada and the United States, about the contribution of Canada and the United States to the world, and about the need for the two North American powers to co-operate, not only on their own continent, but also within the western and world communities as a whole.

Given the singular importance of the Summit, the University of Toronto, through its 1987-88 Bissell program, has taken as its mandate the task of educating Canadians about the institutions, issues and member countries of the Seven-Power Summit. In this task it is pleased to have the co-operation of the York University Centre for International and Strategic Studies, the support of the governments from the Summit countries, the advice of leading individuals in the business and media communities, and the encouragement of the City of Toronto and the Municipality of Metropolitan Toronto.

As part of the 1987-88 Bissell Program on the 1988 Toronto Summit, the Centre for International Studies, in cooperation with the University of Toronto - York University Centre on Asia-Pacific Studies, hosted at Trinity College, University of Toronto, on January 18, 1988, a lecture by Dr. Charles McMillan, Professor of Administrative Studies at York University and formerly Senior Policy Advisor to the Right Honourable Brian Mulroney, Prime minister of Canada. This paper, which is the unedited text of Dr. McMillan s lecture, is the second in a series of publications on the Summit. It combines the unique insights of one of Canada s leading scholarly experts on the Japanese economy and a member of the Canadian delegation to the seven power summits in Bonn in 1985, Tokyo in 1986 and Venice in 1987.

John J. Kirton William C. Graham
Director, Director,
The Bissell Program on Centre for International
the 1988 Toronto Summit Studies

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